With range hood options from top manufacturers, VP Innovations has the products you need for safety and style. For help getting started on your new build or remodel kitchen, download our planning guide.

Under Cabinet

Designed to easily install to the bottom of cabinets, and to effectively remove smoke and odor. It also provides bright cook top lighting and excellent protection for the surrounding cabinets.


Sometimes a range hood mounted over the cooking surface just isn’t possible. A downdraft rangehood is the perfect ventilation solution, built to fit neatly into your counter top behind the cooking surface. Especially popular in island and peninsula applications.


Wall mounted hoods, simply stated, are Mounted directly to the wall allowing the range hood to stand alone, apart from the cabinets to make the hood becomes the focal point of the kitchen.


A built in/hidden ventilation alternative that removes smoke and ordor without being seen.

Imagine the Possibilities

Working with VP Innovations

As a kitchen fixture that provides safety as well as style, we encourage you to think about your range hood early in the design process. Your VP Innovations professional has a number of options to show you, including hood style, materials and finishes. Ready to start the design process? We invite you to download our Kitchen Planning Guide.

Featured Range Hood Brands